The Leader

The photograph was shot with a bridge camera..the excellent Canon PowerShot S5 IS using the Super Macro Mode.
I may have many amazing opportunities to shoot beautiful photographs but this photograph will always be special.

A lazy September afternoon of 2008, watching a family of black ants rummaging around.. made me think.. How about creating a working portraiture of the Ants..

Placed a piece of chips close to their path..
They converged on the snack pretty fast but unfortunately, I found myself in their path..

While I composed my shot, an amazing scene unfolded in front of me as I looked through the viewfinder..
The Leader was the first to climb up the piece of chips. He had a commanding yet elegant stance like a decorated war hero. The Leader waited for his fellow warriors to assemble around.
It was a total collective effort and the Leader Ant saw to that that there was work for all and share of the bounty as well. They lifted the piece of chips and moved on.

Gentle creatures of God and yet such superior strength but we think our lives are hard..
I got my shots, bites, the funny “ants running all over me” kinda feeling..and the contentment of having met a Leader..


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