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If you ask me when I took my first photo, I do not remember.. I must have been very young..Photography is what I had in myself and the day I figured it out..that day was enlightenment..I have been on my journey towards attaining nirvana in Photography..its been a long journey so far..traveled well and still a long way to go...during this journey I have met people..been to places and experienced life through my camera..this website is gateway to all my work in Photography. My blogs are the child of my thoughts about and experiences with Photography..Mentorship is outcome of what started as an hobby which has grown into serious passion..and as I am pursuing my passion..i learn..i share..
17 09, 2016

A moment of life lives in every photograph..

Late afternoon June 2015, I was enjoying the many candid photography opportunities that were being presented to me at the tree canopied lawns of the Long Walk, Windsor Castle Berkshire. Noticed a horse-driven carriage coming down the path and anticipated another picture come alive. I pre-focussed and waited for the carriage to move into the frame. Couple of shots, reviewed the images, and moved on

2 06, 2016

The Leader

The Leader The photograph was shot with a bridge camera..the excellent Canon PowerShot S5 IS using the Super Macro Mode. I may have many amazing opportunities to shoot beautiful photographs but this photograph will always be special. A lazy September afternoon of 2008, watching a family of black ants rummaging around.. made me think.. How about creating a working portraiture of the Ants.. Placed a

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