Santhosh, the photographer designate for our Pre-school’s Annual cultural event did a very good job. He was very professional in terms of checking out the venue before the event to figure out where he will be placing the camera, where the stage and audience will be, and so on. I like his close up shots very much. If you brief him well your requirement, you can be sure to get what you want.”

Malini Rao, Director - Chimply Fun Preschool
“Beautiful moments of our engagement was shot by VisualAuthors. Every single soul were covered with a good mixture of candid pics and good poses, leaving behind a million dollar smile on the entire family. Thank you VisualAuthors for your good work.”
Bavitha & Sunanth Krishnan
“There are few occasions more meaningful in a child’s life than his or her first birthday. Although no one really remembers his or her first birthday, it marks a special time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate this new little person in their lives. My daughter’s first birthday, the first milestone she crossed, an event so special to us. There are some great pictures Santosh took (its not the camera, its the creative talent he possess) which are so much fun to look back on. What can be more exciting than making memories and letting the little one know how much they mean to us. When I look at those pictures today, I think Aarushi (my daughter) just might be the cutest thing in the entire world. These pics are to be be treasured for ever. Thanks to Santosh and I wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.”
Kaushik Chanda & Kavitha Chanda
“Santosh Jayaraman, What I can say about this great photographer and a good friend of mine, it was really a pleasure meeting him, when I met him for the first time I wanted to learn more about photography, I still remember that the session was held for 4 hrs but Santosh was very patient enough to resolve all our queries and ended up with 7 hrs session. It’s so easy to get along with him and he is super helpful.”
“After our first meeting I reach out to him on any minute doubts about photography and we discuss a lot about it. I must admit that this guy knows in and out of photography. I would highly recommend Santhosh to capture the best moments of your life as it cherishes forever, His pictures bring back so many memories that goes all too quickly. It’s wonderful to have such great pictures to look back on. Thank you for being a good friend and a wonderful person. Keep Clicking!!!! Cheers!!!”
J.N. Sunil Kumar
“Santosh was of great help. He analyzed my requirements of Photography and did just not help me on my requirement but also helped in motivating me in many ways..”
Nikunj Bhagat
“Awesome tutor, overall experience at very affordable price and absolutely hassle free service experience and needless to mention technically sound, very helpful and friendly..”
Dinesha S
“Great Mentor. He will let you know all the facts about camera in a very easy way and you understand each and everything nicely. I would say great creative photographer as well.If you have any doubts he will clear it. So cooperative regarding your time schedule. And ready to help you in future also regarding any doubt. If you want to learn photography I strongly recommend Mr. Santosh. Thank you Sir.”
Gaurav Jain
“Santosh has a very good experience on the subject which helps trainee grasp immense knowledge. Very flexible with the questions and he would answer the question n number of times without a problem. Friendly behaviour and jovial in nature, which makes the complete session so lively.”
Vishal Ahuja
“Knows about camera very well. Way of teaching or clearing doubts is very good. Got to know the hidden features of my camera.”
“He is very patient and takes time to explain. Gives you scenarios and also gives solutions with issues you have faced, for example – what you could have done better, when the lighting was bad. Highly Recommended..”
Priyanka Nair
“Great Mentor!! Santosh’s knowledge around photography & techniques is amazing. He carries his photography passion every moment in his life which in deed makes him a best mentor. During the course, I realised that my gadget can do wonders and my interest levels further elevated in exploring photography. Santosh was flexible and enthusiastic to guide few techniques over the phone to make one of my events successful. His excitement to share his success stories and interesting facts on photography are priceless and inspiring!!!”
Dinesh S
“I enjoyed sir’s classes. I enrolled for 8 hours course but took me 11-12 hours to finish up in depth. My classes are mostly theoretical classes. Sir gives you tasks to work in between and explain how to do it which is very helpful. I entered as a noob and after the course I can take good quality images.”
“It was great experience working with Santosh for photography workshop. He knows his subject very well. You can ask him as many question on his subject and he will be more than happy, highly recommended for photography. In his guidance definitely a lot to learn.”
“I am really delighted to have got the opportunity to get trained by Santosh. Actually Santosh isn’t a trainer, he is a mentor. You can be in touch with him even after the course and he will help you to tell you where you are doing right or wrong. His specialty is that he gets to the level of student & from there he trains him/ her. He has vast knowledge and experience of photography. I was very comfortable getting trained by him. Each and every concept was thoroughly covered & taught with deep understanding. Not only this, he is able to connect & discuss real life scenarios when you travel or go for some sport activity and you need to click a picture kind of. So, all in all It was really great getting trained by him. Now I need to practice to get better on this. Thank you so much Santosh. Be in touch.”
Shagil Mullick
“I was looking for someone who can help me in learning photography at home. I started the class from Santosh. He is very good in explaining photography tricks and techniques. His way of teaching was extremely good. He shares every thing he knows about photography. His best quality is that he is ready to answer your query any time. “
Prachi Chaturvedi
“My experience in learning photography from him was great. I liked the way course was designed. More emphasis is on your requirements. I got to learn many photography techniques and tricks. I also liked the way he explained techniques and concepts using snaps taken by him. He also taught me how to take care of my camera.”
Harsha Reddy
“Santosh Jayaraman is a thorough professional photographer. The classes were purely professional and my son Rohan learnt a lot with respect to photography. He was quite approachable anytime with any kind of clarifications.”
Rohan S
“It was lovely. It transformed me from a person who took hundreds of photos with no planning to a person who plans each of his shots in advance. My photography sessions with Mr Santosh Jayaraman has helped me tremendously and we can see the difference remarkably in my shots.”
Manu Nicholas Jacob
“It was a wonderful experience learning photography tricks from Santhosh. He gets into details of my requirement before preparing the course content and was ready to spend that extra hour to make sure I understand the technicalities of each feature. Feedback on the my capture’s with Do’s and don’ts , giving tips on my strength and weakness in photography were really helpful. Overall Course has helped me exploring all possible options available in my camera and use them effectively at the right time to get best possible results.”
“It was wonderful time learning photography with Santosh. The passion and experience he has in this field is inspiring. He is a good teacher I could understand different techniques and concept easily. His dedication to photography inspired me a lot. Thanks a lot Santosh for the time. “
Anu Anand
“Mr. Santosh Jayaraman is excellent teacher who is having the depth knowledge of photography. He is clarifies all the queries regarding the subject in a simple way with appropriate examples. I am done with my 4th class, he is made me so passionate about photography, I have got so much confidence, and he retrieve my queries, and make it so simple. Well I can definitely say one of the best trainer for photography classes in the city. I feel 100% worth for my money i spent for his class Thank you so much sir.”
Deepak Sharma
“It was awesome experience and learned more photography features.”
Ranganath Acharya
“Just the sort of mentor I was looking, he comes with full package with best price. Happy to have him as my tutor/mentor for life. Thank you a ton Sir.”
“Got nice training from him, it was worth to joining and learning photography. He is very friendly and helpful.”
Sanjay Kumar Singh
“Santosh Sir’s approach is very intuitive and informative. Also he tailors the course as per the student’s requirements. I had started learning photography with another tutor who unfortunately passed away. He picked up the course where I left and took it forward. I had a wonderful experience learning with him and I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to learn photography.”
Vajrapu Girijashankar
We had contacted Mr Santosh for my Niece’s 1st birthday photography.
We were very happy with his prompt response and his attention to being punctual not just at the venue but also in delivering all the photos on time. The pictures taken were all of very good quality and exactly the way we wanted ..few candid and few posed ones. Overall we were very happy with his work and would definitely recommend him to others.
Mamtha Thomas
Firstly, we would like to thank Santosh. His photos are stunning. He captured moments that our family will treasure forever. We almost had tears when we first saw the pictures. He was the first to arrive at the party hall before us. I really like how Santosh is organised and like to be prepared. He combines skill and technical expertise with a great passion for photography. Thank you for being there to preserve our memories, it truly means a lot to us. With Gratitude. Bhaskaran and Family.
Bhaskaran Bala
“Santosh is really a skilled photographer. He will teach what photography is and how it should be done very effectively. He will make you think intently and feel a photograph. He will make you think how to look at a photograph on viewer’s perspective. As a beginner, i had very good experience with him as my mentor. I learnt all camera handling techniques and how to deal with them as well. Thanks to him and UrbanPro.”
Amrutha Kulkarni