Taking photos without a camera..is a great way to learn photography..

How crazy can I be..how is this possible..

It is..by Visualization..

Visualizing is a concept that every photographer comes in-built with or should develop.
The more you visualize the more creative you get.
You don’t just see or look anymore.. You visualize.

Why visualize.. things become visible to the eye that you would have otherwise missed if you just tried to see into a frame/scene. Gives you direction and inspires you to be creative.

How does one Visualize.. You develop a scene in your mind.. see the scene from your mind’s point of view.
Conceptualize it at its end point. What I mean by “at it’s end point” is that not just imagine how the photograph is going to turn out after you click it with your camera but stretch it beyond if needed..imagine the picture the way it is going to turn out after you complete processing it as well.

How does one practice visualizing..
You visualize with your mind using your eye as the camera/lens and try to come up with a scene. Imagine…
Now when you get your camera out and as look through the viewfinder..you will be dialling the exact parameters that would eventually ensure you get the scene the exact same way you visualized it. When you visualize you will search for light, you will identify your subject, determine the angle, look to eliminate distractions, look for elements that would add value.
You will also understand the limitations of your camera and/or the lens.

You will no longer search for a perfect scene..you will create one.

Now you wont take the camera out and then decide how you will shoot the scene. The frame of scene is already formed and ready in your mind..your mind will demand (from your camera) what it has already visualized and will not accept anything less. This will not only make you seek perfection but will also inspire you to be creative and positively influence the speed of execution.

Now you know why and how VisualAuthors came about…