10 10, 2017

Before you Shoot…Ask the 2 Essential Questions!!


A photographer’s talent is measured by the images that take our breath away. Being passionate about photography is welcome but if you let yourself to get too excited then you might not focus on things you should. You might possibly miss out on a few or many of the finer details. Every image is a collection of finer details which eventually make the image wholesome.

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13 06, 2017

The Gear!! The dream n’ desire..


I am being asked, quite frequently, about the best camera… If there was one then everyone would just buy that One. There wouldn't be so many makers and models and types of cameras out there overwhelming us with their techs, features and prices. But there still is that One best.. the one that facilitates you to achieve the images that you have conceptualized/visualized in your

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16 02, 2017



Taking photos without a camera..is a great way to learn photography.. How crazy can I be..how is this possible.. It is..by Visualization.. Visualizing is a concept that every photographer comes in-built with or should develop. The more you visualize the more creative you get. You don't just see or look anymore.. You visualize. Why visualize.. things become visible to the eye that you would have

7 01, 2017

You are not just Taking a Photo..You are indeed Making one..


So you have made up your mind on who/what Ur Subject is, aint it!! Hope you are aware where your subject is in relation to background/foreground. Did you notice any distracting elements around the subject.. Know your gear.. camera, lens and let’s not forget the flash. Select the right lens if you have multiple lenses. Decide the frame and angle - in portrait or landscape

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17 09, 2016

A moment of life lives in every photograph..


Late afternoon June 2015, I was enjoying the many candid photography opportunities that were being presented to me at the tree canopied lawns of the Long Walk, Windsor Castle Berkshire. Noticed a horse-driven carriage coming down the path and anticipated another picture come alive. I pre-focussed and waited for the carriage to move into the frame. Couple of shots, reviewed the images, and moved on

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2 06, 2016

The Leader


The Leader The photograph was shot with a bridge camera..the excellent Canon PowerShot S5 IS using the Super Macro Mode. I may have many amazing opportunities to shoot beautiful photographs but this photograph will always be special. A lazy September afternoon of 2008, watching a family of black ants rummaging around.. made me think.. How about creating a working portraiture of the Ants.. Placed a

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