Late afternoon June 2015, I was enjoying the many candid photography opportunities that were being presented to me at the tree canopied lawns of the Long Walk, Windsor Castle Berkshire. Noticed a horse-driven carriage coming down the path and anticipated another picture come alive. I pre-focussed and waited for the carriage to move into the frame. Couple of shots, reviewed the images, and moved on with my life.

This month I posted the photograph of the gentleman riding the horse driven carriage on my FB page – Never did I anticipate that I will be reached by the gentleman’s daughter from Windsor Castle Carriage Tours. She informed me that the photograph was wonderful and it was her father who was pictured in it. He had passed away this summer and the photograph was very special to them and she offered to buy a print. I was deeply moved.

The reason of the impact is that the photograph captures a moment.
Every time we see the picture, we relive the moment and reminisce all the memories linked to the people, location in that picture.
The moment lives in that photograph..fresh forever.