The 3 ‘i” Methodology!!

Why mentoring..

Have been pursuing photography as a hobby since my childhood and Year 2006 was the point when the hobby turned into serious passion. I have dwelled in various genres of photography, experimenting, practicing and fine tuning my skills. My favorites being portraiture and landscape and floral close ups.

I love to share not only my vast practical knowledge on Photography but also my extensive field experiences with my Photography Gear.

Join me on various customised courses, prepared with great care, keeping your specific experience levels, interests, and camera system in mind.

Each category focuses on course plans designed to give you comprehensive exposure to photography concepts, introduces you to various genres of photography and gives you deep insights into your creative side and also your camera gear.
Class room sessions embedded with practical discussions makes it a wholesome experience for you and inspires you to go out and make photos. I strongly recommend and teach the Art of Visualization, which positively effects your creative pursuit.

You have invested multiple thousands of your hard earned money in your camera and still stuck to that “Green Rectangle”!! Why??
The Camera is a wonderful Eye but it does not know what it should see or how on its own (even though camera makers are coming up with wonderful algorithms for this). You should decide what it should shoot and how..

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  1. Having a point and shoot camera and interested to learn photography concepts…
  2. Having a DSLR and need to understand your camera better and/or upgrade your photography skillsets…
  3. Planning to upgrade to a DSLR and interested to learn nuances of photography…

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My mission – to make you a better photographer through the 3 “i” methodology..

Initiate, Inspire, Innovate!!

Visual Authors impart customized learning (introduction/foundation/advanced) sessions and progressive mentorship. Training sessions will be held at your convenient time and pace. The pace of learning will be determined solely by your interest level.

The objectiveto move you away from the dreaded “Green Rectangle – the full auto mode” and guide you to explore other Advanced Auto modes, Manual AE(s) and Full Manual mode and all the other features of your camera system that will help you learn and love photography. The camera is never at fault unless there is a serious hardware issue. It is our lack of understanding of the camera’s functionalities and shortcomings which could be the hurdle we need to cross..and I will enlighten you on this as well.

Your 1st DSLR but not sure which one to buy..or is it an upgrade to the next level..I will help you decide…

The mentoring will address You as a photographer, Your Camera system – camera, lens, and speedlite (onboard or external) and Photography – how you would want to make your camera system deliver images as envisioned in your mind.
In short, you will learn how to make your camera see and guide it to shoot amazing images..

As you grow in your photography endeavors, I continue to address your questions on future camera/lens upgrades and/or any queries on photography that you may have at that time..thus sealing a long lasting relationship..

Salient features of the VisualAuthor’s Photography Courses:

1. Customized courses designed to address all the important concepts and technics of Exposure, Composition, Framing and Light; explained in simple terminologies to provide you a strong grasp of the knowledge areas and aid you with skillsets to perform various genres of photography.

2. Freedom to set your own pace of learning as you travel through the course plan. The highly interactive courses are designed with intention to prude your curiosity and keep your interest levels up.  

3. A Open course plan allows you to add topics of interest as you progress through the learning curve. Do not have to pay extra.

4. With the focus to achieve wholesome knowledge that would help you practice photography productively, after the Introduction of each topic they would be further drilled down to offer Deeper Insights. We do move further and also understand the inter-relations and dependencies as we progress into the Advanced Levels of each concept.

5. Let us discover the hidden features of your Camera/Lens/Flash and wander through all the menu functions. Each will be explained as the camera is being setup for optimum performance.

6. Practice makes the Photographer Perfect – Courses are built with multiple levels of practice. Bring in your images and talk about how you created your images. Practice images will be reviewed to find scope of improvement.

7. Introduction and Understanding the Art of Visualization — be Creative, Efficient, and Productive (Do visit the Blog section to find many interesting readings related to this).

8. During the course you will also be receiving:

a. A Guide to Know your Camera.

 b. Ready-Reckoner.

9. After completion of the classes, you will continue to receive articles and learning materials regularly, related to your interest levels.

10. Anytime after the course, if you wish to discuss your queries on photography and/or planning on upgrading your camera / lens/ flash / accessories, I can assist you in reviewing the product and provide you feedback so that you can make a guided decision.

Do check out student reviews of the Visual Author’s Photography Courses and client reviews of their Event Coverage experiences in Testimonials section of this website.

Visual Author’s 101 Photography Programs

Advanced Essentials 101 - Master Class Series II

Rs.2290032+ Hours
  • The Master Class that addresses every aspect of photography, camera and the photographer, designed for a passionate learner who has prior experience with DSLR

Advanced Essentials 101

Rs1890024+ Hours
  • Having a DSLR and need to tune up your Photography Skill-sets and explore the accessories!!

Essentials 101 - Master Class

Rs1690020+ Hours
  • This Master Class is a bridge course designed for the beginner learner who is passionate about photography and wants to learn all the core and more advanced concepts and technics in detail.

Essentials 101

Rs1290016+ Hours
  • Bought a New DSLR – interested to learn nuances of Photography and understand complete functionalities of your new camera

Lightroom & Post Processing Workflow

Rs89008+ Hours
  • Understanding the workflow and building the skill in processing your RAW/JPEG images is essential to productive image processing & management. We will also be exploring parameters to note during photography that could get the best out of LR.

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    Visual Authors also cover events – Birthday parties, Baby Naming / House warming ceremonies.
    Wedding – Candid Engagement/ Wedding/ Pre/Post Wedding shoots.
    Individual and family portraits in natural backgrounds and any other special moments/occasions that you wish to capture and still for eternity..