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If you ask me when I took my first photo, I do not remember.. I must have been very young..Photography is what I had in myself and the day I figured it out..that day was enlightenment..I have been on my journey towards attaining nirvana in Photography..its been a long journey so far..traveled well and still a long way to go...during this journey I have met people..been to places and experienced life through my camera..this website is gateway to all my work in Photography. My blogs are the child of my thoughts about and experiences with Photography..Mentorship is outcome of what started as an hobby which has grown into serious passion..and as I am pursuing my passion..i learn..i share..
4 01, 2020

Exposure & Its Creative Application.


Introduction to the Exposure Trinity: Aperture, Shutter, ISO. Aperture = How much Amount of Light passes through the opening of the blades arranged circularly in the lens. The larger the aperture opening, more the light that gets through. The language of Aperture is spoken in f-stops (e.g. f/1.8 or f/2.8 — the length of the focal lens divided by the diameter) but like

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20 09, 2019

Let there be Light!!


Most important element of every photograph -- the Light!! The presence or the lack of it impacts your pursuit to make the perfectly exposed image. Elements of Light!! Light adds visibility, colour, character, texture and the quality of light could force noise in the images. The Incident light, Reflected light, Diffused light bring on different effects. The direct sunlight creates blown out highlights

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21 01, 2019

Program AE – Go to mode to learn Photography!!


Do you wish to take good photos but not yet sure about how to manage exposure...the go-to mode for you is The Program AE. AE denotes Auto Exposure. The best shutter-aperture combinations are calculated by the camera to attain an ambient exposure for each image. While you don't get stressed thinking about managing exposure, the Program AE allows you to explore many camera features, helps

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8 12, 2018

Digital Photography, Storage n’ Learning Opportunity…Want to know how??


During the film photography – the SLR times, every roll of film would yield a max of 34/36 negatives. We cherished every single image that we shot. Pocket money was funding the cost of film rolls and the prints and we took great care in making sure every image was of value. That suspense and excitement waiting for the studio to handover the prints is

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12 11, 2018

DSLR Features that you Must Know..


Every camera make and model comes up with many features; some unique..some fancy..some hidden..However advanced the features may be but if they do not assist you in achieving the image that you envisaged....it’s of no use to you.. 1. Processor/Sensor..bigger the better ..not anymore..with improved tech few latest crop sensor* cameras are as good value for money as a Full Frame** *Sensor size is below

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8 11, 2018

Is it Time for an Upgrade??


Before you start researching on a future upgrade system..lets ponder over your present. Lay out all your current camera gear/system, which you have thoughtfully accumulated over years, on the table. Its time to put pen to paper and answer the below: Do you know and understand all the features of the current camera gear/system and their uses vs benefits. Have you used all the features

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13 09, 2018

Approach to Buying a New Camera..


Warning!! Warning!! This blog is longer than the usual length due to the complexity of the subject involved... With new models, from different manufacturers, rolling out often; the aspiring photographer is overwhelmed with the varieties and it is an ordeal to choose the one that will aid you in your photography endeavour. Though the word “Camera” sounds singular, what is included in the box

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16 07, 2018

Photography – the Visual Art form..


Photography - the Visual Art form.. Like any other art form Photography too is a medium of expression. Nurtured with the 3 Ps -- Patience, Perseverance, and Practice, mastering Photography occurs over a period of time.. I heard you.. "how much time?"..only you can answer this..through your consistent & persistent efforts. We dwell, sustain, refine, and excel. In this creative pursuit, the traits one

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19 02, 2018

Attaining Sharpness!!


We are very particular about getting sharp images..but in real life, do we see everything sharp!! Sharpness in your images can be attributed to one of the factors or a combination of multiple factors that we explore here.. It could be you, , your subject, and your camera gear contributing to image sharpness. You — During handheld shoots, use your body to best stabilize your

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11 01, 2018

What does Photography mean to me..


What does Photography mean to me.. Photography is a gateway to another world.. I am not time traveling but attaining a deeper insight and belonging to the environment I thrive in. I am at peace with the world and its entropy when I view this world through my camera’s viewfinder. My senses are at heightened sensitivity during the making of an image; primarily the visual

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