A self-taught “Maverick” photographer by heart and mind.

A biochemist by education. An IT guy by profession, specialized in Hosting and Managed Business Application services.

The Camera has been One constant feature through my life. Right from an young age, I have been capturing images and in this process have been creating strong and variable visual perceptions of the world I dwell in.

Starting out with the compact Fujifilm and later Yashica film cameras during childhood. While in college, my first intro to SLR realms through Practika SLR camera inspired me to plunge deeper into the versatile ocean of Photography.

The need to capture my newborn daughter’s cute sweet moments fuelled the need for a digital camera in 2006.

A camera that will let me learn digital photography.. When I picked up my first “Good” Bridge – the Canon S5 IS (are you wondering what a Bridge camera is..Google “Prosumer Camera”). I invested in the open secret “practice makes the photographer perfect”.

Hours, months and years of focused practice and perseverance in self learning many genres of photography gained me the expertise. I can say I have evolved and so have my cameras!!

Photography is a journey and the travel has taken me to places and put me in situations way beyond my comfort zone..and let me tell you…it’s all worth it when you see the expressions on the faces of friends and family; when they view the final images…

It was time for the next upgrade when the skillsets had outgrown the camera. The Canon EOS 60D has been amazing companion since 2010. We had wonderful interactions with subjects ranging from minuscule to the magnificent. And during the period, there has also been a different kind of evolution that led to the formation of a comprehensive photography gear; assortment of professional series lenses, speedlites and other accessories. Since 2016, the Canon EOS 80D has joined me in my photography endeavours.

I have traveled the photography journey well..and on February 12, 2022, the Canon EOS R6 along with the 24-70mm f2.8 L IS USM has joined me to explore many more destinations and the experience..