Why mentoring..the realization that there are many folks out there who are at that point where I stood when I picked my first camera; made me think about Mentoring..

You have invested multiple thousands of your hard earned money in your camera and still stuck to that “Green Rectangle”!! Why??
The Camera is a wonderful Eye but it does not know what it should see or how on its own (even though camera makers are coming up with wonderful algorithms for this). You should decide what it should shoot and how..

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  1. Having a point and shoot camera and interested to learn photography concepts…
  2. Having a DSLR and need to understand your camera better and/or upgrade your photography skillsets…
  3. Planning to upgrade to a DSLR and interested to learn nuances of photography…

Visual Authors impart customized learning (introduction/foundation/advanced) sessions and progressive mentorship. Training sessions will be held at your convenient time and place. The pace of learning will be determined solely by your interest level.

Your 1st DSLR but not sure which one to buy..or is it an upgrade to the next level..I will help you decide…

My mission – to make you better photographer.

The objective – to move you away from the dreaded “Green Rectangle – the full auto mode” and guide you to explore all the other features of your camera system that will help you learn and love photography. The camera is never at fault unless there is some serious hardware issues. It is our lack of understanding the camera’s powers and shortcomings.. and I will enlighten you on this as well.

The mentoring will address You as a photographer, Your Camera system – camera, lens, and speedlite (onboard or external) and Photography – how you would want to make your camera system deliver images as envisioned in your mind.
In short, you will learn how to make your camera see and guide it to shoot amazing images..

As you grow in your photography endeavors, I continue to address your questions on future camera/lens upgrades and/or any queries on photography that you may have at that time..thus sealing long lasting relationship..

Visual Authors also cover events – Birthday parties, Baby Naming / House warming ceremonies.
Wedding – Candid Engagement/ Wedding/ Pre/Post Wedding shoots.
Individual and family portraits in natural backgrounds and any other special moments/occasions that you wish to capture and still for eternity..



Rs49856+ Hours
  • Having a point n’ shoot or a Prosumer camera and need an Introduction to Photography Concepts…


Rs62008+ Hours
  • Bought a New DSLR and interested to learn nuances of Photography…


Rs74858+ Hours
  • Having a DSLR and need to Upgrade your Photography Skillsets…