Howdy Folks!!

Developing a line up of essential gear is important to practice photography for anyone having a serious eye for it.

There are scores of videos on the concepts of photography and reviews of various photography gears:
camera bodies, lenses, flashes, strobes, diffusers, filters, tripods, data cards, post processing softwares, 
cleaning kits, straps, bags and even camera/lens  skins. 

It does get overwhelming even for seasoned professionals to surf through all these gears to choose what they NEED.

A Certain Plan to Finance the Need is very essential so that you don’t fall into a debt trap. 
Setup a fund which would one day partly, if not completely, finance your new gear.
Purchasing the gear from a retail showroom or online is a personal choice.

About 12 years ago, I reached out to Jayesh Mehta, CEO of FotoCircle, seeking guidance 
on the Canon EOS 60D and the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8 DC Macro OS HSM configuration; while prep'ing for an upgrade.
Jayesh came across as humble and integrity personified. 
His guidance added the essential confidence value for me to decide on the purchase. 
A busy photography equipment gallery head but always gives you a patient hearing and suggests ways to improve upon your decision. 
Subtle yet clear while pointing out the gaps; insights drawn from his vast experience on marketing photography equipment since 1982.
And since then I have taken his guidance whenever there was a need to purchase a new gear 
or upgrade out of the existing ones or just have a discussion on what is new in the market and comparisons between branded versus alternate products. 
Every interaction has been a learning experience.

In 2016, I began Mentoring on Photography and had upgraded from the Canon EOS 60D to an 80D and the lens line up were also in the works.
Quite frequently, students approached me seeking guidance on purchasing their 1st camera or needed an upgrade. 
With the confidence built from the numerous interactions with Jayesh and his team and my personal experience 
with the quality of the products they deal in, I decided to refer Fotocircle to my students for an enriching purchase experience.
Jayesh always ensures his team is ready to meet the student and give them a brief walk-through of the various gears that would be suitable for their need, 
explain feature benefits and price points and even the financing options.

Many who appreciate and follow my photography were surprised that my work came out of an APS-C sensor 
and added fuel to my upgrade plan with their queries on why I don’t own a full frame yet. 
I did contemplate the idea of going full frame while I began the plan to upgrade out of the 60D; 
eagerly expecting the release of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, instead Canon was dishing out the megapixel czars 5DS and 5DSR which I didn’t need. 

I had to settle for the 80D but with no regrets. 
80D has been amazing workhorse and a trusted companion on 3 photography expeditions to the Highlands of Scotland.

Before the Covid waves hit humanity and lakhs perished destroying families and friends across the world, I finally set my mind to go full frame. 
And during this time, Canon had developed and introduced the mirrorless systems and spread their footprints with new gear launches. 
Jayesh extended a invite to the launch of the Canon EOS R in Bangalore; where I had a hands-on experience of the Mirrorless R system.

The launch of the amazing mirrorless cameras just added to the confusion. 
Now it wasn’t only about deciding to go full frame but also if it should be a mirror or mirrorless system.

The confidence for the upgrade had 2 supporting elements: One being the existing line of pro-series Canon Lenses and Speedlites that I had already built 
and other being the guidance from Jayesh.
I explained my plan to upgrade to the Canon EOS R6 and the Canon RF24-70mm f2.8 L IS USM. 
At this time the shortage of semiconductors was already impacting stock availability.

But when you need something the most and put your heart into preparing for it, God has his ways of ensuring everything falls in place. 
Like always, Jayesh and his team stepped up. They planned every equipment associated with gear upgrade meticulously 
including the compatible accessories (Data Card / Filters) that we so often over look.

During these 12+ years, I have had numerous phone and WhatsApp interactions with Jayesh, but never met him in person. Shocking!!

I visited Fotocircle and a gentleman with a bright smile in his eyes and highly infectious energy comes over to shake hands - Jayesh Mehta.
He was swamped with phone calls, was constantly being engaged by his team and other customers interacting for their purchasing 
but he would always ensure my needs are on his mind and was keeping an eye on the progress of the billing process. 
In today's world where every one is trying to hike their profit margins, it was immensely touching 
when he said he was worried that I was taking a risk of a heavy expenditure while the time has been a huge turmoil for all due to Covid.
I had an opportunity of observing his interaction with other customers and everyone were at ease 
and left with an highly satisfying purchase experience.

I extend my sincere gratitude to Jayesh and his Fotocircle family. 
A vast list of high quality photography gears, the purchase experience and support that they offer is top notch.

Again, thanks to Jayesh.. such an humble and extremely knowledge gentleman..for taking the time out of your busy schedule 
and all the lovely and learning interactions.