A photographer’s talent is measured by the images that take our breath away.

Being passionate about photography is welcome but if you let yourself to get too excited then you might not focus on things you should. You might possibly miss out on a few or many of the finer details. Every image is a collection of finer details which eventually make the image wholesome.

Calm!! Take a few deep breaths, oxygenate your brain and initiate your mind to Ask the 2 most Essential Questions..

Answering these questions will set you apart from the “think later but fire the shutter first” photographer. You dwell deeper into your own psyche and recognize your likes and dislikes.

This is where you will evolve and create your own unique style. You will also find situations where you are not able to answer one or both the questions which would eventually allow you to switch off the camera and enjoy fun moments with your family and friends. You will be saved from wasting your time and effort in shooting images that aren’t worth a try in the first place.

As photographers, we develop an un-quenching thirst for our subjects. We are always on the look out for opportunities to shoot images and are often led (misled as well) by family/friends who point out subjects that they feel you should shoot.

As humble photographers do thank them for the opportunity but then pause a moment. It’s time to Ask the questions. Seek the answers before you proceed any further.

Answering these questions is an integral part of Visualization.
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The 2 Essential Questions that you need to seek answers for are:

What do you want to shoot?

What do you want to shoot primarily points to the subject. Recognise the subject amongst the clutter. It might also offer not just one but multiple subjects in the same environment. What is about the subject that interests you. How would you want to best portray your subject in the environment.

How do you want to shoot it?

How do you want to shoot essentially involves how you would want to compose, frame, and expose your subject in the shooting environment.
This involves looking with intention. You will find how the subject is lit. The source of light and its colour and its influence on the colors and textures of your subject. You will also observe the influences of foreground and background elements on your subject.

Finding answers to these questions will ensure you are productive. You will be in better control of the environment that you are shooting the image in.

This expands your creativity. You will come up with newer ways to shoot and there will definitely be few moments where you would surprise yourself with what you can achieve.