What does Photography mean to me..

Photography is a gateway to another world..
I am not time traveling but attaining a deeper insight and belonging to the environment I thrive in.
I am at peace with the world and its entropy when I view this world through my camera’s viewfinder. My senses are at heightened sensitivity during the making of an image; primarily the visual responses and secondarily the auditory sense. I look intently at the environment in search of my subject. The photographer in you dies when his yearning for the subject dies. Its a life long search..
He continues to live on..in his images..long after his time, they say..
A photograph allows you to travel back in time, reminisce and kinda live those moments again..

Photography has given me the strength to approach strangers, visit lands far far from home, encounter weathers not acclimatised too. It has made me an extrovert. It has exposed me to many wonderful sights..from the gigantic mountain ranges to the broad span of the meadows that behold my breath to the intricate designs on the caterpillar makes me wonder how meticulous the art of creation is. Photography has not only introduced me to pretty people but also to their vibrant and in some cases harmful personalities.
To an large extent, I have been interned to the ways of this world by Photography.
I make my images primarily to my satisfaction first, the way I visualized in my mind. If I am not satisfied with my image I am not entirely happy even if my client or my family and friends and anyone viewing my image does. I feel my work is half done and the feeling of something lacking makes me go for the image one more time or until I get it right.

Photography is not only about patience and perseverance, it also teaches you to react fast to circumstances as Photography is all about split seconds exposures; unless you are shooting a waterfall or really concerned about capturing movment.

I understand my strength lays in my practice and field experience and there is definitely an unending hunger to learn.
Photography is not just doing different things..genres.. but doing things differently..creativity.
It needs more than a lifetime to learn all about photography. Let there be light…and enlightenment!!

More than just a passion, Photography has become a way of life. A way to express self. It is a medium where without uttering a word I am able evoke many emotions and feelings from the viewer. It has become an identity; people need not know me by name or recognize me by the way I look. My images have taken up my identity and have become conversation starters.

And yes many times, while looking at the world through my camera I have forgotten to click the image. So awe filled was I at what I saw that I let the beauty of the view sink in and missed firing the shutter. In this journey, I have had many conversations with my trusted and dependable companion “The Camera”. Together we have made many images where we captured the moment in all its essence. We still have lots of places to explore..a long way to go..join us..it would be fun..