Photography – the Visual Art form..

Like any other art form Photography too is a medium of expression.

Nurtured with the 3 Ps — Patience, Perseverance, and Practice, mastering Photography occurs over a period of time..

I heard you.. “how much time?”..only you can answer this..through your consistent & persistent efforts.

We dwell, sustain, refine, and excel.

In this creative pursuit, the traits one is born with or develop and fine tune:

  1. Perception.
  2. Interpretation.
  3. Visualisation.
  4. Execution.

Perception is the seed of thought that spurts from consistent exposure to an event or environment. It might be voluntary or in-voluntary.

We Interpret when we begin to dwell in the perception; as we decipher and understand.

Visualisation, one of the most important of the traits. Here is where one forms a clear visual thought process of how one needs the final image to be borne in-camera. The image is already formed in the photographer’s mind even before he picks up the camera.

Execution is where the visualised image is transformed to an actual photograph by the effective use of the concepts of photography; by setting up the camera to achieve the visualised image. Nowadays, post processing also has become an integral part of execution.

All these 4 traits together elicit an interesting and creative image that sets the photographer apart from the mundane.

You feel a deeper sense of involvement with the immediate world around you. One thinks, rethinks and refines ones outlook. With a deeper understanding of the environment, a clear thought process and vision the person not only evolves as an Amazing Photographer but also as a better Human.